Savant Automation, Inc. Automatic Guided Vehicle/Guided Vehicle DFL-H

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Automatic Guided Vehicle/Guided Vehicle - DFL-H - Savant Automation, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Automatic Guided Vehicle/Guided Vehicle DFL-H
Savant Automation’s DFL-H series AGV uses a universaluse, base chassis design for all applications. Because it is modular, it can be provided with various rear load attachments to adapt to load pick/drop & transport needs. Load or Cart Lift Configuration: The DFL-H can be configured as a floor lift AGV designed to pick and drop loads at floor or stand level. This is ideal for accessing and transporting pallets, racks, tubs, skids, reels, carts, etc. without the need for floor mounted load support structures. Versatile Application: The DFL-H is ideal for demanding material transportation applications, including use in manufacturing, distribution, hospitals, etc. It can be configured with simple lift mechanisms, forks, special load arms, and tow hitch and roller deck attachments. The vehicle is ideal for transporting loads at floor or stand levels between work cells, from order/cart picking areas to shipping, from receiving to storage, from buffers to line feed locations, as well as use in assembly line applications. This highly maneuverable AGV can safely travel in high traffic and in tight, space-restricted areas. Savant Virtual Path: The DFL-H utilizes a highly reliable and accurate, navigation system employing a solid state inertial sensor chip to compare AGV heading and positional data to a virtual route CAD map in the vehicle’s memory. It is ideal for all environments, especially where damage vulnerable magnetic/optic floor tape, floor cut slots or lineof-sight dependent laser reflective wall targets, or wallreliant lidar natural/contour technologies are not practical or desirable. Standard Features: • Fully automated operation • Onboard or remote dispatching • Auto-return to battery charge area when battery is low • Diagnostic mode for fast, easy troubleshooting • Easy access to user controls • Remove/Enter anywhere along path without resetting system controls • Pendant for manual operation • Steel frame construction
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Technical Specifications

  Savant Automation, Inc.
Product Category Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Product Number DFL-H
Product Name Automatic Guided Vehicle/Guided Vehicle
Load Transfer Automatic; Manual (optional feature)
Guidance Type Inertially Guided
Load Capacity 25000 lbs (11338 kg)
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