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Plastic Porcelain - No. 30 - Sauereisen, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Plastic Porcelain No. 30
Sauereisen Plastic Porcelain No. 30 is an inorganic, chemically-setting, magnesium oxide base material which expands slightly while hardening to a porcelain-like body. No. 30 is used for assembling silverware and cutlery, insulating lead wires on electrical fixtures and sealing conduits to prevent the spread of explosive gas. A thermally conductive and electrically insulating cement, it resembles a durable ceramic upon curing and will resist high temperatures. The expanding curing property makes No. 30 a good candidate for potting applications and for filling other hollow cavities. Cement No. 30 is supplied in a powder form and is mixed with water to apply. Due to its inorganic composition, Plastic Porcelain Cement is very stable and will neither outgas, nor cause skin irritations like many other adhesives.
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Technical Specifications

  Sauereisen, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Number No. 30
Product Name Plastic Porcelain
Industry Electronics; Electric Power
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature -100 to 900 F (-73 to 482 C)
CTE 5 µin/in-F (9 µm/m-C)
Chemical System Ceramic
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