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Aluseal Adhesive Cement - No. 2 - Sauereisen, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Aluseal Adhesive Cement No. 2
Sauereisen Aluseal Adhesive Cement No. 2 is a ceramic cement paste offering good bond strength and thermal shock resistant properties for assembling, sealing and cementing porcelain, glass, metal and other materials. Its fine particle size and excellent flow characteristics make No. 2 a good candidate for those applications where an inorganic bond is required between component parts and only small clearances are available. No. 2 exhibits good coating properties. Thin film sections have shown exceptional flexural and tensile strength for a ceramic adhesive. Sauereisen No. 2 is supplied as a ready-mixed paste and may be applied by brushing, dipping or spraying. No. 2 is suitable for use on production lines with mechanical dispensers or applicators because it will not harden in the equipment during normal operation.
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Technical Specifications

  Sauereisen, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Number No. 2
Product Name Aluseal Adhesive Cement
Industry OEM or Industrial; Applications with Small Component Parts
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature ? to 3000 F (? to 1649 C)
Dielectric Strength 50.8 kV/in (20 kV/cm)
Chemical System Ceramic
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