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Bensenville, IL, USA
Polished Substrates
Rubicon’s sapphire epi-polished wafers are ultra-flat, super clean, stress-free large diameter substrates, offered with precision orientations and offsets and wafer-to-wafer uniformity, with one or both surfaces finished. These sapphire wafers are custom designed to meet customers’ unique specifications for final application. Material ES2 High Purity Sapphire (99.999%) Bubble/Color None by visual inspection under high intensity light Grain Boundary/Lineage None by visual inspection under Lineage polarized light Orientation C–Plane (0001) A–Plane (11-20) R–Plane (10-12) M–Plane (10-10) Random Orientation Tilt Tolerance Customer Preference up to 6” ±0.05 up to 8” ±0.10 Diameter Up to 200 mm Flatness (Focal Plane Deviation) Up to 6” ≤4.0 μm Up to 8” ≤6.0 μm BOW Up to 6” 0 ± 15 μm Up to 8” 0 ± 20 μm WARP Up to 6” ≤30 μm Up to 8” ≤40 μm TTV Up to 8” ≤20 μm Thickness Tolerance Customer Preference ± 25 μm Surface Finish Up to Ra ≤ 0.2 nm for front side Up to Ra ≤ 1 μm for back side Orientation Flat/Notch SEMI/JEITA standard Edge Bevel Industry Standard Cleanliness Surface to be free from all visual contaminants Packaging Vacuum-sealed containers with nitrogen backfill in a class 100 environment Available Options Laser Marking Optical Polished Finish Single Side Epi Ready Finish Double Side Epi Ready Finish
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  Rubicon Technology
Product Category Dielectric Ceramics and Substrates
Product Name Polished Substrates
Width / OD ? to 7.87 inch (? to 200 mm)
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