Radicom Research, Inc. Bluetooth including 4.0 Low Energy HCI Modules for OEM’s RB2001


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Bluetooth including 4.0 Low Energy HCI Modules for OEM’s - RB2001 - Radicom Research, Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA
Bluetooth including 4.0 Low Energy HCI Modules for OEM’s RB2001
Radicom Research’s RB2001 Bluetooth modules are based on CSR’s latest Host Controller Interface (HCI) solution. The RB2001 provides a fully qualified Bluetooth V4.0 system for data and voice communications. The RB2001 Bluetooth modules are controlled via CSR’s Host Controller Interface (HCI) BlueCore BCCMD Commands. The RB2001 is a SMT dual mode Bluetooth module. The RB2001HM is a DIP (Through-Hole). Both modules are capable of communicating with Bluetooth low energy mode devices as well as the ‘classic’ Bluetooth devices. The RB2001 modules support serial UART, PCM, I²S or USB interfaces. The RB2001 and RB2001HM are serial modules. The RB2001U and RB2001UHM are USB modules. With unique Wideband Speech, improved CODEC and a reduction of background noise and interface built in, the RB2001 offers a dramatic improvement to call quality with wireless accessories. These modules are designed to work with Linux and Windows operating systems. Features: Fully qualified Bluetooth Bluetooth® v4.0 system Full-speed Bluetooth operation with full piconet and scatternet support Class 1, 2 and 3 Bluetooth power level supported 2Mbps and 3Mbps EDR support High-sensitivity Bluetooth receiver Wideband speech A-law, μ-law and linear voice data from Host A-law, μ-law, and CVSD voice over the air Extended temperature operation -40°C to +85°C Voice interpolation for lost packets Rate mismatch correction PCM/I2S digital audio interface Fast AGC for enhanced dynamic range SBC encoding Integrated synthesizer requiring no external VCO varactor diode, resonator or loop filter 3 Bluetooth low energy connections at the same time as basic rate A2DP Low power 3.3V I/O (optional 1.8V) Serial Interface (RB2001) USB interface (RB2001U) Full-speed (12Mbps) USB 2.0 interface (RB2001U) High-speed UART port (up to 4Mbps) Support for IEEE 802®.11 coexistence Digital demodulator for improved sensitivity and co-channel rejection Real time digitized RSSI available on HCI interface Dual-mode Bluetooth low energy radio
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  Radicom Research, Inc.
Product Category Network Equipment
Product Number RB2001
Product Name Bluetooth including 4.0 Low Energy HCI Modules for OEM’s
Network Equipment Modem
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