PTB Sales, Inc. Sycon STM-100 & STC-201 STC-200


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Sycon STM-100 & STC-201 - STC-200 - PTB Sales, Inc.
Azusa, CA, United States
Sycon STM-100 & STC-201 STC-200
The STC-200 utilizes the time tested 6Mhz quartz crystal as the sensor device. It's CRT display allows the clear presentation of data and deposition status. Both numeric and graphical data are used. The Run Time display is the main operating display. All the critical process information is shown on this display. A graphic portion of the screen allows either rate, rate deviation, or deposition power to be displayed.
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  PTB Sales, Inc.
Product Category Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation
Product Number STC-200
Product Name Sycon STM-100 & STC-201
Form Factor Monitor or instrument
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