Environment One Corporation Duplex Grinder Pump Station (5000 GPD) DH272


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Duplex Grinder Pump Station (5000 GPD) DH272
The E/One model DH272 duplex grinder pump station is an ideal choice for multiple single-family homes and light commercial applications. Grinder pumps send wastewater from the home to the central sewer and/or treatment system through small-diameter pipes. Featuring the E/One Extreme grinder pump, the DH272 offers a high level of reliability and ruggedness. The DH272 grinder pump station consists of two pumps and tank. The grinder pumps, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into compact units, easily removable for service. Solids are ground into fine particles that pass easily through the pumps, check valves and small-diameter pipe lines — even objects that should not be in sewage, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, etc. The 1-1/4" discharge connections can be adapted to any piping materials that meet local code requirements. The tank is made from tough, corrosion-resistant FRP and offers 275 gallons of capacity. A single DH272 can be used for six average, single-family homes, and up to 20 homes where codes allow and with consent of the factory. The DH272 can accommodate flows of 5000 gallons per day. The grinder pump is automatically activated and runs for very short periods. Electrical consumption of the grinder pump is low and will vary with actual water consumption. E/One grinder pumps do not require preventive maintenance and boast an average of eight to 10 years between service calls. If service is required, the unique, one-piece core eliminates the need for in-field troubleshooting and servicing — the pump core can be quickly pulled out and replaced, meaning minimal maintenance costs and inconvenience for the homeowner. Units are available for indoor and outdoor installations. Outdoor units accommodate a wide range of depths.
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Technical Specifications

  Environment One Corporation
Product Category Lift Stations
Product Number DH272
Product Name Duplex Grinder Pump Station (5000 GPD)
Industry Served Residential Sewage, Commerical, Municiple
Discharge Pressure 60.0 psi (42.18 m of Water)
Liquid Flow 3.5 GPM (13.2 L/min)
HP 1.00 HP
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