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Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom
Large Step Up Transformers
A simple plug-in step up transformer which allows UK electrical mains operated equipment to function in the US mains system which is 110-120V. The transformer has an internal safety cut out device to protect against overload. The moulded plastic enclosure produces an attractive product, featuring double locking of the enclosure to prevent damage following mis-use. Full encapsulation of the transformer improves heat dissipation and prevents ingress of moisture. Toroidal construction allows lower height, negligible external magnetic field, improves efficiency, smaller size and reduced weight. Ideal for more industrial type equipment as well computers, Multimedia and Audio Visual products. Uses Toroidal technology which is more energy/weight efficient, lower magnetic field and cheaper to run when compared to traditional laminated transformers.
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Product Category Transformers
Product Name Large Step Up Transformers
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