Polytec, Inc. PSS Spectrometer PSS 2520


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PSS Spectrometer - PSS 2520 - Polytec, Inc.
Irvine, CA, USA
PSS Spectrometer PSS 2520
Polytec's PSS Spectrometers are available either in a tabletop housing or in a 19" rack-mount unit. They can be connected using fiber-optics to various measurement setups, for example immersion probes or flow cells. Furthermore, user-friendly software supports many NIR technology applications for industrial process control. The robust construction of the PSS systems works for production line applications, while delivering reliable, real-time data. Optical multiplexers offer the option to control several measurement points simultaneously from one spectrometer.

Technical Specifications

  Polytec, Inc.
Product Category Infrared Spectrometers
Product Number PSS 2520
Product Name PSS Spectrometer
Detector Type Other (InGaAs Detector)
Sample Type Solids; Liquids; Gases
IR Range Near
Spectral Range: 1300 to 2500 nm (13000 to 25000 Å)
Remote Interface Serial
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