PLC-Multipoint, Inc. Cellestial CES Light Sensor CES-S


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Cellestial CES Light Sensor - CES-S - PLC-Multipoint, Inc.
Everett, WA, USA
Cellestial CES Light Sensor CES-S
The CES belongs to a family of sensors that monitor either task or ambient light levels precisely. The light level measured is converted to an analog signal that is sent to the controller of the Energy Management System (EMS). The CES allows the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Energy Management System (HVAC/EMS) to control area lighting by switching banks of lights on and off, or provide continuous signals to electronic dimming ballasts for fluorescent fixtures.
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  PLC-Multipoint, Inc.
Product Category Photosensor Modules
Product Number CES-S
Product Name Cellestial CES Light Sensor
Package Type Skylight
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