Plasma Etch, Inc. Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner PE-200


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Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner - PE-200 - Plasma Etch, Inc.
Carson City, NV, USA
Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner PE-200
Our welded aluminum vacuum chamber encloses a generous 500 square inches of active plasma processing surface. Surface modification with Plasma Etch yields increased bond strength and cleanliness of most any surface material.

Technical Specifications

  Plasma Etch, Inc.
Product Category Thin Film Equipment
Product Number PE-200
Product Name Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner
Materials Processed Tungsten; Metal; Gallium Arsenide or Compound Semiconductors; Precious Metals
Type Laboratory or Benchtop
Applications Research / Surface Analysis; Printed Circuit Boards
Facilities Required AC Service 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz 30 Amps
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