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Torsion Springs Customizable
Helical springs used to apply a torque or store rotational energy are commonly referred to as “torsion springs” and are typically found in single-and double-bodied forms. Everyday uses include clothespins, ratchets, counterbalance mechanisms, and as a coupling between concentric shafts such as in motor and pump assembly. Cost-conscious torsion springs implement round wire. When the situation calls for higher performance, rectangular or other non-round wire can be substituted to improve efficiency and obtain higher energy storage capacity. Space between the coils can also be designed to reduce friction. In a case of extreme torque, two separately-designed coil sections – one with a right-hand twist and the other left-handed – can be connected together creating a double-bodied spring. This allows the total torque to match the sum of the two coils combined. Various kinds of ends including short hook, hinge, straight and customizable are available to facilitate mounting. At Peterson Spring, we not only design, manufacture, and test these springs, we are customer focused to ensure clients are matched with the proper device to suit their needs.
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  Peterson Spring - Technical Products Center
Product Category Torsion Springs
Product Number Customizable
Product Name Torsion Springs
Wind Right Hand Wind; Left Hand Wind
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