OROS Bridge and Temperature Conditioner Xpod Line


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Bridge and Temperature Conditioner - Xpod Line - OROS
Dulles, VA, USA
Bridge and Temperature Conditioner Xpod Line
XPods line: bridge & temperature conditioners Wheatstone bridge conditioner handles any bridge-based transducers (strain, pressure, load, torque, force...). Full, ½ and ¼ bridge Automatic bridge balance (incl. in D-rec) 120 ω / 350 ω built-in resistors Continuous 0 to 10 V excitation voltage Temperature conditioner handles thermocouples and RTD transducers. PT100, PT1000 and J, K, N, E, T Integrated linearization Automatic cold junction compensation Standard fl at pin connectors
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Data Acquisition
Product Number Xpod Line
Product Name Bridge and Temperature Conditioner
Form Factor Panel / Chassis Mount
Host Connection Flat Pin Connectors
User Interface None
Excitation Voltage
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