NOSHOK, Inc. Tension & Compression Force Transducer 3540


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Tension & Compression Force Transducer - 3540 - NOSHOK, Inc.
Berea, OH, USA
Tension & Compression Force Transducer 3540
Available in a variety of sizes and shapres to fit almost any application Measuring ranges from 0 kN to 5 kN through 0 kN to 5,000 kN Accuracy levels range from ±2.0% Full Scale (B.F.S.L.) to ±0.04% Full Scale, depending on the version Several outputs are available in both amplified and unamplified to interface with most electrical systems 316 stainless steel construction on many versions provides corrosion-resistance and durability - ideal for harsh environments Sputtered thin film sensor for maximum repeatability and stability
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  NOSHOK, Inc.
Product Category Force and Load Sensors
Product Number 3540
Product Name Tension & Compression Force Transducer
Force Measured Tension; Compression
Force Rating 0.0 to 112400 lbs (0.0 to 50975 kg)
Accuracy 0.20 ±% Full Scale
Device Sensor / Transducer
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