Norplex-Micarta Pre-Preg Product, ShotBlocker® MC504BRB


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Pre-Preg Product, ShotBlocker® - MC504BRB - Norplex-Micarta
Postville, IA, USA
Pre-Preg Product, ShotBlocker® MC504BRB
MC504BRB - ShotBlockerâ„¢ is composed of woven roving glass fabric impregnated with a high-temperature phenolic resin system. This product is designed and manufactured to offer ballistic protection for a variety of applications from gas stations to armored vehicles. Unlike some competitive ballistic products, it does not require a messy and labor-intensive wet lay-up process. This product is suitable for molded parts in high-temperature structural applications. In 6-10 minutes, it can be molded into high strength, ballistic-resistant parts in standard compression molds at normal curing temperatures.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Armor and Ballistic Shielding
Product Number MC504BRB
Product Name Pre-Preg Product, ShotBlocker®
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