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MOPA-M Series - MOPA-M-SM - Multiwave Photonics
Maia, Portugal
Multiwave Photonics' MOPA-M Series is a family of diode-pumped all-fiber lasers which have been specifically designed to produce the highest possible pulse energies and peak powers over the largest repetition range. With pulse widths as short as 10 ns maintained from single shot to 500 kHz, very high peak powers can be achieved making the MOPA-M the ideal pulsed fiber laser for all micromachining applications. Multiwave's MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture allows pulse shape control, triggering, gating and ASE suppression well beyond fiberbased Q-switched laser designs. The Multiwave MOPA-M Series incorporates Multiwave's field proven technology sold as subsystems for years. The result is a very reliable product with the lowest cost of ownership. The MOPA-M is available at two different power levels, 1 W and 10 W. The lowest power level is based on an all single-mode fiber design and is an ideal seed source for higher power amplification, or other applications requiring very high spatial and temporal pulse quality and control. All lasers are air cooled and are offered either as a compact OEM module or as a fully integrated IEC/CDRH compliant system, incorporating an integrated power supply and control unit for easy laser installation, turn-on, operation and control.
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Technical Specifications

  Multiwave Photonics
Product Category Lasers
Product Number MOPA-M-SM
Product Name MOPA-M Series
Operating Temperature 0.0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
Pulse Energy 0.0500 mJ
Laser Output Pulsed
Laser Type Fiber Lasers
Features Fiber Optic Pigtail; Polarized Output
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