Multiwave Photonics PM Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier EDFA-C-PM-20-0


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PM Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier - EDFA-C-PM-20-0 - Multiwave Photonics
Maia, Portugal
PM Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier EDFA-C-PM-20-0
The polarization maintaining (PM) EDFA is based on a dual stage configuration and performance is optimized for the wavelength range 1530 nm - 1570 nm. The optical amplifier features over +20 dBm of saturated optical output power (up to +23 dBm can be provided), low polarization crosstalk, low polarization dependent gain and low noise figure. Key features and advantages Polarization maintaining output Low polarization crosstalk Polarization maintaining input and output isolators Stable output polarization Low noise figure High saturated output power High power stability Integrated control electronics Robust OEM enclosure with integrated heat sink Benchtop instrument version available on request
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Technical Specifications

  Multiwave Photonics
Product Category Fiber Optic Amplifiers
Product Number EDFA-C-PM-20-0
Product Name PM Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Operating Temperature 5 to 55 C (41 to 131 F)
Amplifier Wavelength C-Band
Output Power 20 dB
Noise Figure ? to 7.5 dB
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