MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. Axial High-Field USB Magnetometer USB2510A

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Axial High-Field USB Magnetometer USB2510A
The MDT USB2510A is a single-axis digital magnetometer that is intended for the measurement of magnetic fields aligned along the axis of the probe at frequencies less than 100 Hz. The MDT USB2510A combines a high-field magnetic field sensor with plug-and-play USB data acquisition electronics and software to provide a single-axis digital magnetometer system in a simple low-cost form factor. It is designed such that the user may use it directly combined with the proprietary MDT graphical user interface (GUI), controlled with a terminal emulator program, or integrated into the user’s custom written program. The GUI can be run on desktop computer, a notebook, or a Windows tablet. Additionally, the probe electronics may be reprogrammed by the user using freely available open source Arduino development tools. The MDT USB Magnetometer is thus a complete development tool that allows a user a simple means for experimenting with MDT sensors, sensor applications, and developing sensor algorithms. Features: High-Field Sensing Technology; Measurement Range of -30 kOe to 30 kOe; 5 Digit Resolution; Plug and Play USB Interface; Powered from USB Bus; Graphical User Interface; Command Line User Interface; Manual Range Selection; Adjustable Filtering and Averaging; Simple Zeroing and Calibration; Customizable Linearization; Documented Programming Interface; Reconfigurable Hardware; Manual and Automatic Triggering Applications: High Field Laboratory Measurements; Automated Data Acquisition and Control; Materials Research; Non Destructive Testing; Magnetic Object Tracking; Sensor Algorithm Development; STEM Education; Hobby and DIY
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Technical Specifications

  MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Magnetic Field Instruments
Product Number USB2510A
Product Name Axial High-Field USB Magnetometer
Device Type Magnetometer
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