MTI Instruments Inc. MICROTRAK™ 3 Thickness Gauge TGS 50-10


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MICROTRAK™ 3 Thickness Gauge - TGS 50-10 - MTI Instruments Inc.
Albany, NY, USA
MICROTRAK™ 3 Thickness Gauge TGS 50-10
The Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge System used for automated metal, fiberboard and cement board sheet production and QA/QC combines our proven non-contact laser triangulation sensors with a modular controller that can operate either as a standalone solution for displacement measurement or with a PLC/PC. The controller simplifies thickness applications through high speed internal sampling and digital thickness computation, reducing errors often encountered with traditional analog summing methods. The controller can detect out of range thickness conditions within 0.00025 seconds and provide indication via a digital output pin. Features Sealed Membrane Keypad Color LCD Display Selectable Computation Mode Set Tolerance and Process Limits via Keypad Preset Thickness or Tare Functions PLC and Computer Modbus Interface Programmable I/O (4 Inputs, 3 Outputs) Industries & Applications For This Product Industry Measurement Type Applications Industrial Thickness Thickness information of composite materials
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Technical Specifications

  MTI Instruments Inc.
Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Number TGS 50-10
Product Name MICROTRAK™ 3 Thickness Gauge
Gaging Technology Non-contact
Accuracy ±0.06% FSR
Gage / Instrument Type Micrometer
Measurement Scale / Units Metric
Minimum Graduation / Resolution 7.52E-6 inch (1.91E-4 mm)
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