Mountz, Inc. VZ4506PS Electric Screwdriver 144377

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VZ4506PS Electric Screwdriver - 144377 - Mountz, Inc.
San Jose, CA, United States
VZ4506PS Electric Screwdriver 144377
The HIOS VZ-Series electric screwdriver is designed to plug directly into a power outlet and does not require a separate power supply unit. Ensures accuracy in fastening with precision automatic shut-off clutch once preset torque is achieved. Operates on a duty cycle of 0.5 seconds on and 3.5 seconds off. Various models that range from 3.5 - 39 Plugs directly into a power outlet. Separate power supply not required Positive auto shut-off. Ergonomic hand grip. Push-to-start and Lever operated styles available. Duty cycle tool. 120 VAC, 10 foot power cord. External torque adjustment scale. torque control,torque analyzers,torque testers,torque sensors,torque wrenches,electric screwdrivers,torque screwdrivers,torque multipliers,assembly tools,screw counters,assembly verification products,process control products,Apply Torque,Light (under 12 N.m or 8.8 lbf.ft),Electric,Pow er Assembly Tools
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Technical Specifications

  Mountz, Inc.
Product Category Screwdrivers (electric and pneumatic)
Product Number 144377
Product Name VZ4506PS Electric Screwdriver
Drive Style Electric
Length 11 inch (279 mm)
Voltage 110 V
Drive Type Fixed Size Drive
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