Lion Precision Dual-Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor CPL290


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Dual-Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor - CPL290 - Lion Precision
Oakdale, MN, USA
Dual-Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor CPL290
The CPL290 is a precision noncontact displacement measuring instrument using capacitive technology and featuring two switch selectable measurement ranges with just one probe. Linear position and displacement sensors with a large selection of rectangular and cylindrical probes providing ranges from 0.4 mils to half an inch. Resolutions as low as one nanometer are available with a typical resolution of 0.003% of range at full 15 kHz bandwidth. Zero adjustments and visual range indicators ease setup.Vacuum compatible systems are available. Our expertise will help you make the measurment you need. Precise, High-Speed Measurements High Resolution 0.003% @ 15 kHz typical (as low as 0.25 nanometers) 0.0005% @ 100 Hz typical (as low as 0.05 nanometers) Probe/Range dependent, see Probes and Ranges below for specifics User selectable bandwidth (100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz) Linearity: 0.2%, Typical 15 kHz Bandwidth Small phase shift - excellent for servo applications Convenient Output Interface and Range Selections Ranges Available: 10 µm to 12.5 mm Switchable Dual-Range/Sensitivi ty (CPL290 only) ±10 V Output Easy National Instruments DAQ Connection via 68-Pin connector Versatile, Useful Features Visual Range Indicator Coarse/Fine Adjustable Zero Zero Adjust Disable Single or Multiple Channel enclosures Front Panel Ground Connection Standard Probes can be ordered as vacuum compatible.
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Technical Specifications

  Lion Precision
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number CPL290
Product Name Dual-Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor
Sensor Technology Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
Operating Temperature 40 to 120 F (4.44 to 48.89 C)
Body Shape Cylindrical (optional feature); Rectangular (optional feature)
Power Requirements AC Powered
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