Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. Silica Woven Fabric and Textiles SILTEX®

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Silica Woven Fabric and Textiles SILTEX®
SILTEX® silica fabric and textiles are high-temperature resistant materials with a continuous operating temperature of 1800° F • 982°C. These fabrics from Mid-Mountain can be used in a range of configurations, including silica mat and silica fabrics. Widely used for equipment and personnel protection in industries such as Welding, Shipbuilding, Metals Processing, Refineries, Foundries, Power Generation, and Petrochemical, SILTEX® Woven Fabrics and Textiles can be applied to applications where thermal insulation is essential to the reduction of maintenance and energy costs. Comprised of high purity, high strength 96% amorphous silica fibers, SILTEX® Silica Fabrics and Textiles are optimal in applications where E-glass fabrics would typically fail.
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Technical Specifications

  Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.
Product Category Protective Liners and Lining Systems
Product Number SILTEX®
Product Name Silica Woven Fabric and Textiles
Thickness 0.0270 to 0.2000 inch (0.6858 to 5.08 mm)
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