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SXP 68x12G SAS Expander - PM8056 - Microchip Technology, Inc.
Chandler, AZ, United States
SXP 68x12G SAS Expander PM8056
The SXP 12G 68-port SAS Expander features SAS-3 T10 zoning, self-configuration, table-to-table routing, Ethernet port, and an integrated MIPS processor for SES and enclosure management support. All SXP expanders also feature a rich and robust customizable SDK for enclosure management and system level diagnostics and monitoring that offers our customers a clean migration path for their code between product generations. Additional Features SAS-3 T10 zoning for secure storage Ultra low switching latency for improved system performance SAS and SATA edge-buffering preserves customers’ investment by improving performance with existing 3G and 6G drives Table-to-table routing removes need for keyed connectors Integrated Ethernet port for seamless interface to management entity Integrated MIPS processor for enclosure management Firmware compatible with Microchip SAS 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps SAS expanders and stand-alone enclosure management controllers 12G SAS signaling support for up to 10m mini-SAS HD passive copper cable Optical SAS support Early power off warning (EPOW) support SAS and SATA edge-buffering support Ultra-low switching latency to improve system performance Quad SPI or parallel flash support; optional inline ECC on the parallel flash T10 zoning support (up to 256 zones) Port mirroring for system debug Local bus data integrity protection Real-time eye capture with enhanced BER eye mask and estimation Non-disruptive zero down time firmware update support Position-independent firmware image support to simplify firmware image management/download Compatible enclosure management firmware architecture with SXP 3G/6G products Real-time clock (1 µS counter up to 35+ years) Enhanced processing subsystem (MIPS 34Kc at 600 MHz) Backward-compatibili ty with Microchii’s 6G/3G SXP devices High-Speed I/O SAS-3 (12 Gbps, 6 Gbps, 3 Gbps, 1.5 Gbps) and SATA-3 (6 Gbps, 3 Gbps, 1.5 Gbps) operation Support for up to 4K SAS addresses Automated decision feedback equalizer (DFE) per SAS-3 Programmable continuous time linear equalizer for SATA-3 Supports spread-spectrum clocking (SSC) per SAS/SATA-3 Per-PHY configurable transmit and receive SSC Per-PHY programmable transmit amplitude and emphasis Integrated resistive termination SAS 3.0-compliant back-channel training (SAS3 speed negotiation) Peripheral Interfaces 4 UART interfaces for system monitoring and debugging 4 SGPIO interfaces (or additional TWI per SFF-8448) Up to 81 GPIO pins Eight dedicated two-wire interfaces (up to twelve total) for device configuration and control of external interfaces 16-bit local bus interface for connecting to NOR flash and SRAM SPI, DSPI, and QSPI interface 10/100 Ethernet MAC port JTAG and EJTAG interface Statistics and Performance Monitoring Per-port error counters for comprehensive diagnostic capability Programmable PMON counters and interrupt generation Per-link PRBS and CJPAT pattern generators and loop-backs for linkintegrity diagnostics Real-time clock Firmware Development Kit Zoning configuration interface SAM4/SPC4/SES3-compa tible SES target with Enclosure Management Application reference design SAS-3-compatible protocol stack in virtual SAS/SMP port SSP/STP Initiator API supports communication with SSP/STP targets over SAS links SMP routing management including topology discovery Firmware download over multiple in-band and out-of-band interfaces Expander diagnostics API Disk spin-up control and disk qualification API Peripheral drivers for TWI, UART, SGPIO, and Ethernet interfaces TCP/IP enables management of the SXP 12G through remote network Error detection, logging, and reporting Wake up system through Ethernet or SAS port Chiplink Diagnostic Utility Supports advanced features for validation, characterization and debugging of Microchip expanders Includes full SAS tool suite and a macro interface for user-authored animation scripts Third Party Support Green Hills MULTI development environment and EJTAG debugger
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  Microchip Technology, Inc.
Product Category Bus Expanders
Product Number PM8056
Product Name SXP 68x12G SAS Expander
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