Materion Corporation Copper Beryllium Alloys Brush 60


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Mayfield Heights, OH, USA
Copper Beryllium Alloys Brush 60
Brush 60 provides a material solution for those designers dealing with the issues of contact reliability and end-of-life performance. Elevated temperatures from increased power requirements can result in stress relaxation and a decline in contact normal force as a result of exposure to elevated temperature for a prolonged period of time. This degradation of contact force leads to an increase in contact resistance, greater signal distortion, higher impedance and signal propagation delay – all unacceptable conditions for optimized contact performance. Brush 60 exhibits outstanding stress relaxation characteristics, and are able to retain a higher normal force over the life of the connector.
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Technical Specifications

  Materion Corporation
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Number Brush 60
Product Name Copper Beryllium Alloys
Type Beryllium; Copper; Refractory / Reactive
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