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Cincinnati, OH, USA
ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table 222
The ATOM Flashcut 222 Knife Cutting Table is the ideal dieless cutting solution for any company that wants to produce samples, prototypes or small production batches rapidly with a high degree of accuracy. The ease of use, compact design (600mm x 1000mm Work Area) and the possibility to import shapes from any CAD system make the Flashcut 222 particularly suitable for shoe and leather goods sample departments, manufacturers of electronic & silicone gaskets, technical textiles & composite materials and converters of adhesive tapes & double sided adhesives. Solid, reliable, economic but without compromise, the Flashcut 222 is the new standard for cutting operations. In the 1970’s, the “classic” G222 Clicker Press became a popular reference for die cutting machines used in shoe and leather goods factories throughout the world. Today, thanks to over 65 years of experience and more than 250,000 cutting systems sold worldwide, ATOM introduces the Flashcut 222 Knife Cutting Table; “Innovation in Tradition”. In addition, the Flashcut 222 can also be transformed into a narrow web dieless kiss cutting system for roll to roll converting applications. This new Narrow Web Converting Platform couples the ATOM Flashcut 222 with Guidolin Girotto web handling equipment. The concept allows converters of double sided adhesives, foam tapes, laminated textiles and similar products the ability to kiss cut and or total cut in roll-roll form without the use of a cutting die. The web handling can include a single powered unwind, dual unwind with lamination capabilities, in-line slitting, part expulsion, scrap removal, liner change, transversal guillotine cutting, single or double outboard rewind etc..
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