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Screw Feeder - KFA-0830 Series - Loover Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taipei City, Taiwan
Screw Feeder KFA-0830 Series
Prompt delivery and steady screw feeding are the important factors of a screw feeder. We collected feedback from distributors and customers and incorporated their opinions when developing this screw feeder. WIDEST RANGE OF APPLICABLE SCREW SIZES : From 0.8-3.0mm MAX OF SCREWS LENGTH & HOPPER CAPACITY: Screw Length: 1.0 – 15mm Capacity of hopper: 200-220 cc HORIZONTAL FEEDING: Durable aluminum extruded rail. Screws are carried on a Horizontal track for smooth feeding. APPLICABILITY OF SPECIAL SCREW TYPES: Screw length: Thread Diameter (1=1, 1<1) Thickness of screw head 0.2mm No jamming or failure occurred when appropriate size screws are used. BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Durable brushless motor made in Japan. ADJUSTABLE RAILWAY: High precision wire cut adjustable railway. Adjustable rail, screw size from 0.8mm up to 2.0mm. ADOPTING MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Multi-functional smart PCB with material shortage alert and screw counting function in digital display. (Please contact our service center for detail information.) SIGNAL OUTPUT FUNCTION: With screws in position signal output function. Other functions PCB designed with short circuit and over load protection. Screw feeder and PCB grounding connection is also available. Power On/Off buzzer alert and blinking LED indicator.
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Technical Specifications

  Loover Industrial Co., Ltd.
Product Category Parts Feeders
Product Number KFA-0830 Series
Product Name Screw Feeder
Output Rate 46 to 50 parts/min
Drive Power AC 100-240V
Parts Fed Screws
Configuration Bowl and Drive
Part Diameter 0.0315 to 0.1181 inch (0.8000 to 3 mm)
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