Littelfuse, Inc. Multifunction SSRs and Optocouplers Series TS117L

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Multifunction SSRs and Optocouplers Series - TS117L - Littelfuse, Inc.
Chicago, IL, United States
Multifunction SSRs and Optocouplers Series TS117L
The OptoMOSĀ® line of multifunction products combines optically-isolated discrete component functions in a single package. These products mix and match solid-state relays, optocouplers, bridge rectifier, Darlington transistor and zener diode components to create highly functional circuits in a single, small package. These multifunction devices allow designers to consolidate circuit functions into a single device, freeing up valuable board space and reducing component count. Well suited for modern applications, the series provides most of the major functions required when designing the DAA (Data Access Arrangement) portion of a modem. Features: 3750Vrms Input to Output Isolation Multiple Functionality in Single Package Current Limiting (part numbers ending in "L") TTL and CMOS Compatible High Noise Immunity Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable Applications: Telecommunication / Datacommunication Instrumentation I/O Subsystems Electronic Switching Medical Equipment (patient/equipment isolation) Security Industrial Controls
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Technical Specifications

  Littelfuse, Inc.
Product Category Optocouplers
Product Number TS117L
Product Name Multifunction SSRs and Optocouplers Series
Isolation Voltage 3750 volts
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