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Electric Actuator - TD4 Standard - LINAK U.S. Inc.
Louisville, KY, USA
Electric Actuator TD4 Standard
The TWINDRIVE® TD4 is a dual actuator especially developed for all types of slatted and box spring beds. The TD4 comes in two versions as to strength: TD4 and TD4+. The TD4+ is for the box spring beds where a higher need for force is required. With the TD4 series you get a state-of-the art product incorporating what has only been available as options before as part of the standard product. The TD4 is very slim and compact in design ensuring minimum need of space underneath the bed and optimum logistics during transport. The low weight of the TD4 ensures easy handling when mounting and pictograms on the side make the mounting very intuitive. The TD4 features an integrated Under-Bed Light and a unique mechanical emergency lowering system in case of power failure. The TD4 has integrated Bluetooth®, which means all compatible hand controls are wireless. Alternatively, an app can be downloaded to use a smartphone as a handset. The TD4 comes in 2 versions: TD4 Standard and TD4 Advanced.
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  LINAK U.S. Inc.
Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number TD4 Standard
Product Name Electric Actuator
Motor Type DC
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