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Linear Actuator - LA31 DESKLINE - LINAK U.S. Inc.
Louisville, KY, USA
Linear Actuator LA31 DESKLINE
The actuator LA31 is a very quiet and powerful linear actuator designed for a variety of desk applications ranging from kitchen applications to industrial table purposes. The actuator LA31 fits into very narrow places, as it is very compact. The LA31 is designed for use together with the DESKLINE® control boxes CBD4 and CBD6S and can work either as a single actuator or used in parallel drive.Max. thrust: 3,500 N
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Technical Specifications

  LINAK U.S. Inc.
Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number LA31 DESKLINE
Product Name Linear Actuator
Rated Speed 0.1969 to 0.7874 in/sec (0.3000 to 1.2 m/min)
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