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Low-noise in-line actuator - DB14 - LINAK U.S. Inc.
Louisville, KY, USA
Low-noise in-line actuator DB14
The DESKLINE built-in actuator DB14 sets the standards for in-line actuators. The built-in actuator DB14 is specially designed for integration in a customized 3-part column, to achieve the optimum freedom of design for various desk applications. The compact design was developed to satisfy the market requirements for a low built-in dimension and at the same time a long stroke length. In addition, the compact design enables a very slim guidance design. The DB14 system is controlled by a DESKLINE® control box (CBD). No matter which box is preferred, they all ensure optimal parallel drive and a pleasant low noise level. The DB14 can be used as a single column or in 2, 3 or 4 parallel systems. The parallel drive was constructed to compensate for any uneven load on the desk by means of the control box. The control box is designed with a soft start/stop function to ensure smooth drive.Max. Thrust: 700 NMax. Speed: 38 mm/s or 1.5 in/s
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Technical Specifications

  LINAK U.S. Inc.
Product Category Linear Actuators
Product Number DB14
Product Name Low-noise in-line actuator
Rated Speed 1.5 in/sec (2.28 m/min)
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