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Foam Tester - FT - Kruss USA
Matthews, NC, United States
Foam Tester FT
Measuring foam formation and decay speed for quality control - reliably and reproducibly Foam is a welcome companion to many products, but almost as often it is a nuisance that must to be avoided. Either way, for quality control of your products and processes, it is necessary to exactly determine the foaming behavior of the liquids and foam-inhibiting additives involved. The easy-to-use Foam Tester carries out this task reliably and in an exactly repeatable manner. Using accurately controlled gas flow and precise electronic foam height measurement, the Foam Tester gives you significant results for the foaming capacity of your liquid and the decay speed of the resulting foam. Comprehensive and automatic assessment of the quality of foam-forming liquids Having full control over the foaming behavior of a liquid requires reliable foam tests. However, many of the devices and test procedures available involve user-dependent foam formation methods and result readings, which makes it hard to optimize foam formation and prevention based on solid numbers. The Foam Tester is designed to fill this gap. It provides for standardized foam formation by electronically controlled gas flow and for objective result reading thanks to precise, electronic foam height detection. The measurement is carried out automatically and user-independently using intuitive and easily adaptable automation programs.
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  Kruss USA
Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number FT
Product Name Foam Tester
Display & Special Features PC Interface / Networkable
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