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Milwaukee, WI, USA
Koss CS80 communication headsets deliver a full range of sound that brings your favorite games to life. Ideal for all multimedia applications, these are equipped with Clear Voice Technology in the form of a noise cancelling microphone that brings clear, hands-free communication to noisy environments. With crisp, clear sound pouring through the CS80’s comfy ear cushions, technology reduces sound distortion, while ensuring what you hear is what you want to hear: nothing but the premium Sound of Koss. Whether you employ telephony, voice-activated, or voice recognition software â€" or indulge in computer games with sound cards that feature built-in bias supply* â€" CS80 headsets offer long-lasting comfort to accommodate evening gaming sessions that turn into all-nighters. *Can be used with an external power source if sound card does not have built-in bias supply.
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  Koss Corporation
Product Category Headsets
Product Number CS80 Communication Headsets
Type Microphone included
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