KOBOLD Instruments, Inc. NVI - Vibrating Level Switch for Solids


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NVI - Vibrating Level Switch for Solids -  - KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
NVI - Vibrating Level Switch for Solids
Product Features Unique Single Probe Design Resists Fouling Can Be Top or Side Mounted Maximum Temperature to 320°F Maximum Pressure to 360 PSIG Contact Parts - All 1.4571 SS The NVI series vibrating level switch is an excellent choice for monitoring the level of powdered, granular or pelletized solids. The NVI unique design utilizes the resonance principle with a single smooth probe which will not foul when used with solids which tend to cake or coat. The insertion probe is made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. The NVI has no moving parts so high reliability and a long service life are assured. The NVI has an adjustable sensitivity and can be used with solid materials down to a density of 3.1 lb/ft3.
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Technical Specifications

  KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number
Product Name NVI - Vibrating Level Switch for Solids
Mounting Options Side mount; Top mount
Number of Switch Points Range 1 (#)
Device Classification Sensor Only
Level Measurement Type Single Point or Multi-Point Level
Maximum Operating Pressure 360 psi (253 m H2O)
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