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Dortmund, Germany
In order to generate high power CW 532nm laser light it is normally necessary to first develop very high levels of 1064nm in the laser cavity. This normally in turn requires that the laser gain medium be pumped with extremely high power 808nm diodes. Naturally these diodes generate heat, the higher their power rating, the greater the heat generated. KLASTECH understands this but does not wish to resort to large and expensive water chillers to achieve the required level of cooling for these pump diodes. Fortunately the KLASTECH laser technology can achieve high 532nm laser powers without resorting to such expensive pump diodes in the first place. Due to KLASTECH’s patented platform the conversion efficiency from the fundamental wavelength to the SHG is far higher than in standard architectures and thanks to the unique way the fundamental and second harmonic cavities are tuned to maximize 1064nm light generation, much smaller and less expensive pump diodes can be used.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Lasers
Product Name Symphony
Operating Temperature 15 to 35 C (59 to 95 F)
Laser Type Solid State Lasers
Beam Area 1 mm² (0.0016 in²)
Features Internal Power Supply; Polarized Output
Laser Power 1000 milliwatts
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