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Dortmund, Germany
The Ruby laser heralded the advent of the photonics industry when the first 694.3nm laser light was emitted in pulses back in the 1960s. For many years thereafter physicists and engineers have tried to produce a commercially viable CW version but to no avail. Now, thanks to the ultra high efficiency of KLASTECH’s patented intra-cavity impedance matching technology the world’s first CW DPSS Ruby laser has arrived. In line with all other KLASTECH lasers the Crescendo offers Pitch Perfect single frequency performance, ultra-low noise running, diffraction limited beam quality and rock solid beam pointing stability. Currently available at 100mW and 150mW higher powers are in the pipeline. Applications include Raman Spectroscopy, medical diagnostics and hematology.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Lasers
Product Name Crescendo
Operating Temperature 15 to 35 C (59 to 95 F)
Laser Type Solid State Lasers
Beam Area 1 mm² (0.0016 in²)
Features Internal Power Supply; Polarized Output
Laser Power 100 milliwatts
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