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Lexington, MA, United States
TwisTorr 74 FS Turbo Pump
The TwisTorr 74 FS is a small, 70 L/s turbo pump for research and development, UHV systems, nuclear research, and electron microscopy. It delivers high vacuum performance thanks to the synergy between turbo technology and innovative TwisTorr drag stages. Its floating suspension enables low vibration and noise level, making it compatible with sensitive instrumentation and work environments. Unique cantilever suspension ensures no magnetic interferences with your application and no hydrocarbon contamination. High compression ratios for light gases and hydrocarbon free design, enabling low base pressure Remote controller allows operation from 100 m away High foreline tolerance allows smaller foreline pumps, reducing cost and footprint Low vibration and noise levels—41 dB(A)—for a comfortable working environment and operation in sensitive experiments Maintenance-free bearings for zero operating cost Compact size and installation in any position allows easy integration Gauge reading capability for system pressure monitoring Ready for wireless control via Vacuum Link app for pump operation on the go Radiation and magnetic field-proof design with no embedded electronics allows operation in demanding magnetic field and radiation environments Low electromagnetic emission guarantees no interference with application process
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Product Category High Vacuum Pumps
Product Name TwisTorr 74 FS Turbo Pump
Operating Temperature 41 to 95 F (5 to 35 C)
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