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Grain Sorter - RN500 - Kett US
Villa Park, CA, USA
Grain Sorter RN500
The rice inspector shines light on each individual grain of brown or polished rice to determine the color. Based on transparency/reflect ion, a line sensor determines shape characteristics to physically separate the sample into five classes. Up to 2000 grains can be tested per batch at a rate of12/second. A percentages for each class (even, cracked, immature, discolored, dead) is displayed and can be recorded when attached to an optional thermal printer. Selection levels can be adjusted. Using the principle of near-infrared reflectance, rice can be analyzed in the production process for integrated control and batch characterization. Up to two measurement locations can be connected to the central control unit and simultaneously monitored. When integrated with the process control system, grain polishing and processing can be readily controlled
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Technical Specifications

  Kett US
Product Category Color Meters and Appearance Instruments
Product Number RN500
Product Name Grain Sorter
Measurement Scale Reflected
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Instrument Type Spectrophotometer
User Interface Digital
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