Kett US Micro-Moisture Analyzer FM300


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Micro-Moisture Analyzer - FM300 - Kett US
Villa Park, CA, USA
Micro-Moisture Analyzer FM300
Measures very low moisture and moisture in products with other volatiles by a unique "gain on drying" technology. An integrated micro balance weighs the sample to 0.00001g. The sample is then loaded into a sealed chamber where all volatiles are evaporated. A special carbon filter strips the non-aqueous volatiles from the gas stream. The carrier gas (generally dry nitrogen) then carries the moisture molecules to another cell where the moisture is absorbed by molecular sieve. As the moisture is absorbed, the sieve cell gains weight. This weight is measured and compared with the original mass for a moisture measurement. Tests are accurate up to two parts per million
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Technical Specifications

  Kett US
Product Category Moisture Meters
Product Number FM300
Product Name Micro-Moisture Analyzer
Form Factor Analyzer
Variables Measured Moisture Content; Temperature; Weight, Measurement Time, Drying Curve
Digital Outputs Serial Interface
Technology Weight Measurement
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