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DC Motorized Roller - PM486XE - ITOH Denki USA, Inc.
Hanover Township, PA, USA
DC Motorized Roller PM486XE
Features: PM486/500XE series Power Moller are latest generation of internal driver card rollers Simple and compact (Integral motor driver card) Brushless dc motor with ensured long life Highly durable metallic gears Simplified wiring (no external driver card wiring) Built-in thermal overload protection Supplied with 11.1mm (7/16′) hexagonal shaft (one side is spring-loaded) Supplied with 2 grooves Easy retrofit into the existing conveyors Quiet operation IP 54 enclosure Stable speed function without various torque Variable speed with external voltage input XP series high power version
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Technical Specifications

  ITOH Denki USA, Inc.
Product Category Drive Rollers and Idler Rollers
Product Number PM486XE
Product Name DC Motorized Roller
Type Motorized Roller
Length/Width 13.15 to 15.16 inch (334 to 385 mm)
Roll Diameter 4.86E-5 inch (0.0012 mm)
Voltage 24 volts
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