Invotec Solutions Ltd. Descaling Pumps W-DP-P-C15-AFR


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Descaling Pumps - W-DP-P-C15-AFR - Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Stonebridge, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Descaling Pumps W-DP-P-C15-AFR
Cycle time down ? - Inconsistent moulding? - Have you checked your cooling channels? Many moulds are running at very poor cooling efeciency without you even knowing it. Over months and years layers of lime scale, rust or other debris slowly reduce the bore size of your cooling channels, which can have a dramatic effect on the overall performance of each tool. Invotec offer a range of de-scaling pumps and associated chemicals to correct this situation. High performance to enable descaling of severely fouled equipment Integral tank for safety and convenience Instantaneous flow reversing device Descaling chemicals safely contained at all times Self priming for ease and safety Compact and portable, yet extremely stable to use Maintenance-free No seals to leak Full range of complimentary scalebreaker descaling chemicals available The Scalebreaker DG-C15/30 and DG-C15-AFR tank mounted pump is purpose-built to remove limescale and corrosion deposits from heating and cooling circuits. The translucent plastic tank safely contains chemicals during descaling, and allows the strength of descaling and cleansing chemicals with colour change pH indicators to be visually monitored. Chemicals are totally enclosed during the descaling process for maximum safety. Regular reversal of flow direction, by way of a manual lever, can halve the time taken to descale, and assists in dislodging any solid matter present in pipework and cooling circuits. The pump body is completely contained within the tank, and pumps are self priming with no seals to leak. The drive motor is mounted on the top of the tank. In use, the tank is filled with descaling chemical, connections are made to the water inlet and outlet of the equipment to be descaled or flushed, and the pump switched on until cleaning is complete. The DG-C15/30 and DG-C15-AFR can handle all commercially available acidic descaling chemicals. It is compact, stable and very portable, and can be carried by one man, enabling use in any workshop or plant room, even when access is difficult. The DG-C15/30 and DG-C15-AFR are self-priming as soon as the specified minimum liquid level is available in the tank, but will not be damaged if it is run dry. Suitable for use with all acids in common descaling use: hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulphamic, citric, formic and acetic acids. Also water-based alkaline cleansing solutions and chlorine solutions used for sterilization. For compatibility with other chemicals please call first. Use: DG-C15 -AFR - For Automatic Flow Reversal For a larger 35 litre capacity use DG-C30 Technical data Tank capacity: DG-C15 & DG-C15-AFR - 15 litres Motor: 0.2 HP (DG-C30) 0.45 HP Motor protection rating: IP54 Voltage: 220Vac (110Vac availabe) Hoses fitted: 2 x 2m Hose fittings: 1/2" BSP Weight: 6kg (DG-C30 9Kg) * Available in 110Vac delivery 2-3 days *
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  Invotec Solutions Ltd.
Product Category Liquid Handling Pumps
Product Number W-DP-P-C15-AFR
Product Name Descaling Pumps
Liquid Flow 15.840 GPM (60.00 L/min)
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