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CRES-MF Compact Inline Electric Heater -  - Infinity Fluids Corp.
Worcester, MA, USA
CRES-MF Compact Inline Electric Heater
Compact, rapid heating of liquids, steam and gases for semi-con, power generation, food service, chemical, pharmaceutical and all industrial applications Infinity has developed and patented the most efficient and rapid response heater for all precision control processes with negligible pressure drops across it. Applications that demand precise temperature control and the fastest thermal response from an extremely tight footprint can now be attained with this new technology. The MF Compact In-Line heater provides the fastest thermal response and power within the tightest envelope, when compared with all other conventional and non conventional heaters on the market. This patented product was developed around the CRES electric heater design and placed into a flow housing designed specifically to accommodate your process pressure and temperature requirements. A wide range of special fittings and connectors can be used to facilitate new designs or retrofit existing applications. The CRES heater operating in the fluid stream provides incredibly fast response time and far greater utility efficiency. Many different designs and configurations are available to suit your processes needs. If your process requires the most precise temperature control and fastest response, let the MF Compact In-Line Electric Heater provide the competitive advantage to your system. Integrated sensors are available as standard equipment on most CRES Heater arrangements. BENEFITS AND FEATURES Fastest response of any electric heaters available Ultra compact size and weight Significantly reduce the size of your equipment with our new technology, while decreasing the overall weight of your system. Allows low and high flows to quickly be heated with the greatest accuracy available. • Low flow housing volume, ensures ultra efficient and responsive control. Use on all liquids, gases and vapors including steam. SPECIFICATIONS Compact heaters up to 16kW Process temperatures to 600° C (1200° F) Low and high operating pressures Optional Finishes, electro-polished, passivated and bright annealed
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Technical Specifications

  Infinity Fluids Corp.
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name CRES-MF Compact Inline Electric Heater
Max Air Temperature 1200 F (649 C)
Heating Capacity 10.00 to 72.00 kW (34.12 to 246 MBH)
Phase Three Phase AC Voltage
Applications Gases/Vapors; Clean Water Heating; Process Waters; High Purity Waters
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