Indium Corporation Wave Solder Flux WF-9958

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Wave Solder Flux - WF-9958 - Indium Corporation
Clinton, NY, USA
Wave Solder Flux WF-9958
Indium Corporation’s new WF-9958 soldering flux is an updated version of Indium’s best-selling WF-9942, designed to conform to the more rigorous standards of J-STD-004B Type ORM0. It has no intentionally added halogens, no rosin, and exhibits exceptional hole fill as well as pin-testing performance that can only be achieved with a rosin-free material. In addition to exhibiting excellent soldering performance on a wide range of board finishes and board types, WF-9958 also passes the updated and more rigorous reliability requirements of the J-STD-004B Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) and Electromigration (ECM) tests.
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Technical Specifications

  Indium Corporation
Product Category Filler Alloys and Consumables
Product Number WF-9958
Product Name Wave Solder Flux
Approvals / Conformance J-STD-004, J-STD-005
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