Acro Associates, Inc. Pneumatic Pinch Valve Model 935


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Pneumatic Pinch Valve - Model 935 - Acro Associates, Inc.
Concord, CA, USA
Pneumatic Pinch Valve Model 935
Product Features and Benefits Precision performance and reliability. Strong linear pinch forces and extended duty cycles into the million plus cycle rates Flexibility in tubing selection – supports tubing ranges from 0.125" – 1.000" and up to 70 Durometer Shore A flexible tubing Built in, self-aligning snap-in tubing valve head for easy loading and unloading Default Normally–Open or -Closed options Splash seals for easy wash down and sterilization procedures Base and Panel mounting options for mounting if a variety of positions and orientations No wetted parts (tubing excluded) for preventing corrosion

Technical Specifications

  Acro Associates, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number Model 935
Product Name Pneumatic Pinch Valve
Number of Ports 2
Valve Type Control Valve; Pinch
Media Biological / Medical Fluids; Air; Compressed Air; Chemical
Actuation Pneumatic
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