IKA Works, Inc. Solid-Liquid Mixers - DBI (recirculation) Series


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Solid-Liquid Mixers - DBI (recirculation) Series -  - IKA Works, Inc.
Wilmington, NC, USA
Solid-Liquid Mixers - DBI (recirculation) Series
The high shear mixing and dispersing machine DBI 2000 is suited for batch operations with a recirculating loop and is directly mounted to the vessel bottom. The dispersing machine DBI 2000 enables suction, pumping, and self-cleaning under CIP conditions. The dispersing machine DBI 2000 has a patented two-stage design. This allows for it to be mounted onto a production plant in such a manner that the product is transferred through either one or both stages. The first level of the dispersing machine DBI 2000 has a bottom stirrer and a special pump rotor that creates turbulence in the vessel and high circulation capacities, even for highly-viscous products. The second stage of the dispersing machine DBI 2000 is equipped with a rotor-stator system that ensures qualitative homogenizing and tight particle size distribution. The suction of powders or liquids directly into the mixing chamber of the dispersing machine DBI 2000 is possible without an additional vacuum pump.
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Technical Specifications

  IKA Works, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Mixers
Product Name Solid-Liquid Mixers - DBI (recirculation) Series
Mounting Floor Mounted
Mixer / Homogenizer Location Bottom Entry
Feed Rate (volumetric) 13209 GPH (13889 ml/sec)
Motor Power 5.36 to 60.31 HP
Media Type Liquid with Suspended Solids
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