Hypertherm, Inc. Plastic Waterjet Bricks

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Plastic Waterjet Bricks -  - Hypertherm, Inc.
Hanover, NH, United States
Plastic Waterjet Bricks
Waterjet cutting bricks are specially designed to assist in the cutting of difficult parts. Made from a unique HDPE, the bricks are manufactured specifically for the waterjet cutting industry. The bricks are designed with laminated flute pattern which minimizes splash-back while draining water and debris away quickly and effectively. To order please call 1-866-566-7099. ADVANTAGES 1 FLEXIBILITY Works well with abrasive and straight waterjet cutting. 2 BETTER LOOKING PARTS Eliminates spray-back that can mark the underside of parts being cut. 3 CLEANER CUTTING AREA Draws water and abrasive away from cutting surface. 4 PART RETENTION Corrugation keeps parts on the surface while drawing water away. 5 CORROSION FREE CUTTING SURFACE Made from HDPE plastic. 6 VERSATILITY Works with a variety of materials. 7 EFFICIENT AND LIGHTWEIGHT HANDLING Easy to change and rotate (11.4 lbs./brick).
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  Hypertherm, Inc.
Product Category Abrasive Jet and Waterjet Cutting Machines
Product Name Plastic Waterjet Bricks
Blast / Jet Machine Type Abrasive Water JetCutting
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