Hypertherm, Inc. DynaMAX 3-series waterjet pumps

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 - DynaMAX 3-series waterjet pumps - Hypertherm, Inc.
Hanover, NH, USA
Available in three power levels, DynaMAX™ (Echion™) 15, 30, and 50 waterjet pumps deliver consistent cut quality at optimum cutting speeds and a design that simplifies service so maintenance is faster, easier, and less expensive. At the same time, DynaMAX pumps include features like fully integrated cooling for a smaller footprint that enables easy integration into small spaces.
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Technical Specifications

  Hypertherm, Inc.
Product Category Abrasive Jet and Waterjet Cutting Machines
Product Number DynaMAX 3-series waterjet pumps
Abrasive Feed & Carrier Fluid  Wet / Water
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