Hypertherm, Inc. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head A2

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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head - A2 - Hypertherm, Inc.
Hanover, NH, USA
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head A2
A2 ADVANTAGES INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Easy to use head allows for quick replacement of nozzles and orifices REDUCED OPERATING COST: Consumable that cost less than any other on the market MAXIMIZED CUTTING SPEEDS: Perfectly aligned orifice and nozzle optimize cutting performance A2 FEATURES PRECISION MANUFACTURING: Provides perfect alignment all the time TWO WEAR COMPONENTS: Only the nozzle and orifices need to be replaced CONNECTIONS: The A2 cutting head is adaptable to every major manufacturers on/off valve.
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Technical Specifications

  Hypertherm, Inc.
Product Category Abrasive Jet and Waterjet Cutting Machines
Product Number A2
Product Name Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head
Abrasive Feed & Carrier Fluid  Wet / Water
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