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Heat Treatment  Salts - Quick Temper 275-P - Hubbard-Hall Inc.
Waterbury, CT, USA
Heat Treatment Salts Quick Temper 275-P
DESCRIPTION Quick Temper 275 is a eutectic mixture of nitrate and nitrite salts formulated for a specific range of operating temperatures. It is basically used as a molten heat transfer or quenching bath salt. More rapid quenching of the parts can be obtained by agitation of the salt bath or by additions of small amounts of water. Salt bath furnaces are available which are equipped to add water in the required quantities at periodic intervals. Quick Temper 275, because it is a eutectic mixture with a low, sharp melting point, is very fluid at the operating temperatures. Its cooling rates are comparable to the regular type quenching oils used for Martempering, etc. There are, however, a number of important advantages in using Quick Temper 275 as a quenching medium. FEATURES Quick Temper 275 is chemically stable over its wide operating range of temperatures It is only necessary to replace that which is lost through drag out. Quick Temper 275 operates at a wide range of temperatures – 300 to 1100° F. The salt bath, when heated, maintains its viscosity over temperature range with very little change. The parts, when immersed in the Quick Temper 275 salt bath, will attain the temperature of the bath faster than in oil. All chemicals used in Quick Temper 275 are water-soluble and do not form insoluble ones. Therefore, the solidified salt is easily removed from the work in hot water. Chemicals incorporated into the formulation are technical grade to insure high purity, high grade, trouble-free mixture. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Drawing of tempering-hardened steels. Martempering, Austempering, Modified Martempering and Austempering, and Isothermal Quenching.
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  Hubbard-Hall Inc.
Product Category Metalworking Lubricants, Coolants, and Fluids
Product Number Quick Temper 275-P
Product Name Heat Treatment Salts
Function Quenching / Heat Treat
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