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Gothenburg, Sweden
Teflon Thermal Conductivity Sensor
The mica-insulated sensors are designed for measurements at elevated temperatures, typically above 300 °C and up to a maximum of 1000 °C. Due to the strain exerted on the sensors under these circumstances, the lifetime of mica-insulated sensors is limited and they should be considered disposable. Sensors for Isotropic, Anisotropic, Slab and One-dimensional measurements, operating temperature from 300 °C up to 1000 °C: Sensor design: Radius (mm): 5465 * 3.189 5082 6.631 4921 9.719 4922 14.61 4922L ** 14.61 with extended leads 5599 29.40 5599L ** 29.40 with extended leads * For applications with thermal conductivity larger than 5 W/(mK), the Cp-value must be known beforehand. ** Intended for large and very high-conducting samples. The mica-insulated sensors are delivered without cables and the sensors are instead mounted in special sensor holders to which electrical leads are attached.
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Product Name Teflon Thermal Conductivity Sensor
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