Hi-Tech Controls, Inc. Solar Cable, LiTPE11Y SOLARFLEX 100


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Solar Cable, LiTPE11Y - SOLARFLEX 100 - Hi-Tech Controls, Inc.
Centennial, CO, USA
Solar Cable, LiTPE11Y SOLARFLEX 100
The power of the wind, sun and water are alternative power sources which are always available and inexhaustible. These cables are intended for photo-voltaic systems. Photo-voltaic systems convert the energy of the sun directly into electric energy. The cable is UV-radiation and temperature resistant and can be used to connect individual solar cells. Because of their excellent weather resistance, these cables can also be installed outdoors, but not buried underground or laid in water.
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Technical Specifications

  Hi-Tech Controls, Inc.
Product Category Electrical Power Wires
Product Number SOLARFLEX 100
Product Name Solar Cable, LiTPE11Y
Cable Conductor Copper
Standards / Approvals CE Marking; RoHS
North American 6 to 14 AWG
Rated Temperature -50 to 90 C (-58 to 194 F)
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